5 & 4

Didn’t get a chance to write yesterday and nearly missed tonite too, but I’ll keep it short.  My brother Cody came over straight from work yesterday and stayed the nite.  A couple of big time party animals, after eating some pizza muffins, we made it about half way through the movie “Super Bad” before calling it a day.  In Cody’s defense, he spent the day working.

Cody tormenting Big Eddie

Today was a little more active.  Cody and I went for coffee in the morning, came back and did a little exercise, had a nice breakfast, hit the bookstore, then ran a couple of errands before stopping off at my Aunt Valerie’s school to meet a co-worker of hers that happens to be Indonesian; nice guy.  It turns out he is moving back to Indonesia next month to open up an international school.  He gave me a few pointers about Indonesia and we exchanged e-mails.  After that, we met J-Rod for lunch at Panaera.  By the time we got back home, my Dad, step Mom and Cody’s girlfriend, Lindsey were over here to say their goodbyes.  We all went to dinner (Mexican) and then came back to my Ma’s for a few photos.  I’m happy they made it over, but I feel terrible knowing that they have to wake up for work at an ungodly hour tomorrow.

I know it was a pain in the butt and you’ll probably be dragging a little tomorrow, gang, but thank you much for coming over to see me off!


2 thoughts on “5 & 4

  1. It wasn’t a pain in the butt you silly boy! lol We enjoyed the visit with you and your Mom. Dad got up at his usual 4:00 am so he couldn’t have been that tired. 🙂 Check your email, I uploaded the pics.

    • Thank you, Brenda! I was able to check out the pictures too. You took some good ones! I’ll give you guys a call tmw. Have a great day!

      Silly Boy

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