Trying to find a Zen moment

Ever since I’ve returned from Alaska, time has seemed to speed up on me.  I know I’m not alone on this, but it’s shocking nonetheless.  I had so many small projects and activities I wanted to do before I left for Indonesia that aren’t going to work out.  It’s a common story of your eyes being bigger than your stomach, but it still frustrates me.  On a positive note, one of the things I DID start was a modest exercise regimen.  In the past it’s been an all or none proposition, but this time around, I took things extremely slowly and did things that weren’t very taxing.  Three weeks into it and I am starting to feel a difference.  The lesson I learned is that a little goes a long way if you are consistent with it.  I think this lesson can be applied to many things, from learning to play the guitar to picking up a new language to domesticating a cobra.  It certainly has helped me with my fitness.  Chip, chip away…bit by bit

Anyway, today was another busy day and I’m not done yet.  The photo Jared was helping me with for my blog will be ready tomorrow, so this will have to do for now.

Alright, I’m off to wash and pack my clothes.  Have a nice nite!


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