House Warming

It’s been one week since I landed in “Oro Oro Ombu,” the village in East Java where I will spend the next nine weeks in pre-service training, or PST for short.  My first week in my new host family’s house was…interesting, particularly the first day, which I will not soon forget.  To keep it short and somewhat clean, my biggest fears about living with a host family came to fruition that first evening when I realized that the cruel and unusual sounds my stomach was making were a warning  of terrible things to come.  What transpired over the next 10 hours or so was both humbling and educational as I went from a complete “squaty potty” novice to a seasoned veteren…without the add of tree byproducts.  And believe me when I say that the acoustics in that bathroom would rival any studio you’d find in Nashville.  Sweet music it was not, but there was plenty of emotion in it; mostly desperation with a dash of hope that the pink tablets I took would soon kick in.  With any luck, the experience will go down as a one hit wonder, but I’ve set the bar pretty high, so I’m not holding my breath.  Traumatic?  Check!  Humiliating?  Check!  Positively hysterical?  Double check!!

Scene of the crime

After that first nite, I’ve been settling in nicely, or as nicely as one can given the situation.  My family is great (I live with the village head and his family) and I’m happy with my PST group.  Our location is very scenic and the temperature is a lot more mild than many other locals.  I should be getting a telephone relatively soon, so I’ll be in contact with you guys shortly.  Until then, know that I’m doing “bagus!”

*I’m dying to get some photos on here, but still haven’t worked it out.  Stay tuned!


11 thoughts on “House Warming

  1. I am so sorry,but I had to you. Xoxox
    And you know I normally would not,your aunties take care of that pretty good!

    • No need to apologize, Ma, I too was laughing. There is plenty to laugh at, let me tell you. I’m looking forward to chatting over the phone. Love ya!

  2. You’re wasting your talents, Joe. You should be a writer. I would definitely buy your book! Glad to hear you are “adjusting”. Stay safe…………..

    • Talent…s…plural? Thank you miss Martin. I’ll tell you what, if I ever do write a book, you’ll be getting one of the first autographed copies! :o)

      Give everyone a hug for me….except your son!

  3. So glad I wasn’t there………………… know that I can not control my laughter. Hope you are still eating with your right hand. Glad to hear that you like your host family but the question is Do they like you?…………….. just kidding. Hoping all is going well please keep in touch. Love your Aunite Valerie

    • Aunt Valerie, I couldn’t control MY laughter and I was the victim, so I can only imagine you! As far as the hands are concerned, I’ve decided to play it safe and eat out of a dog bowl on the floor.
      Do they like me? I’ll have to ask them….as soon as I learn how to speak.

      Love you too!

  4. Ur stories will one day be adapted into an epic movie. I think Toby maguire will play you. Or CT if he is not incarcerated. Make sure u r eating ur protien and working out. Do pullups on a palm fron

  5. It’s great to see you in an uncomfortable situation… opposed to you laughing at me while I’m in one! lol

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