Hello, Goodbye: “Closing Time”

I would like to dedicate this post to the most destructive ultimate frisbee player to ever play in East Java, “Misterrrrr” Devon, who, for personal reasons, decided to leave us sweating here.  Devon, if you stumble upon this, I hope you had a relaxing trip back to the states and that you are loving life again!  You have left a trail of tears in your wake, but we all fully support your decision and look forward to hearing an update when you can.

Ok, now on to business.  The last time I wrote was just before the halfway mark in our training, but we are now in the home stretch.  A lot of things have gone down over the weeks past, but perhaps there won’t be a bigger announcement than the one we got at Hub Day last week.  We learned where we be spending the next two years and with whom we we be living with.  It was exciting, but not all where overjoyed.  For me it’s a mixed bag, because I’ve really enjoyed the company I’ve shared this training experience with and it will be strange not seeing them everyday, but it is also an exciting opportunity to grow and I embrace that.

*One last note to Devon, when things get rough at my permanent site, you can rest assured I will recall the Michael Jackson marathon your braved on the ride to Batu to pull me through, and for that, I thank you!

Until then….


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