The Usual Suspects

Family here, there, everywhere!

It’s Hub Day again.  There are only two or three(?) of these left before we head out to our post.  This week absolutely flew by!  It was filled with activity….football…frisbee….futsol (indoor soccer)….donut and quesadilla making and “model teaching” at the University.  It was also filled with a couple restless nites of sleep, which put me behind the eight ball a little bit.  I’ll be alright in a day or two, especially with the new development at home.

My “cuz” Matt

After seven weeks of audial torture, I kindly asked my host family to remove the batteries from the clock just outside my bedroom…the one that plays a song, followed by electronic ‘dings’ for each hour represented at that moment, every hour…every day (11pm?  Eleven dings!).  Shame on me for waiting this long to ask that it be dismantled, but curse the man or woman who invented that stupid thing!  Every since those batteries were taken out, I have been sleeping much, much better.

My host mom checking out the family farming plot


2 thoughts on “The Usual Suspects

  1. Love the pic of the farm. Has inspired me to get out of the city for the weekend and get some fresh air. With regards to that clock, one of Jay’s relatives has something similar in their kitchen which, at every hour, day and night lets out the corresponding number of….wait for it…. Australian native bird sounds. There’s twelve birds on the clock and I hate being their when the kookaburra goes off. I jump every time then we have to wait for it to stop before we can continue the coversation. Lol. I’m not sure how they sleep through it at night either but glad you’ve worked up the nerve to sort your dilemma out.
    Good to hear from you Joe. Take care xox

    • Bron, that little area I was standing in is such a contrast to the mess less than a 100 meters away, where motor bikes, mobile and other things pass by at an alarming rate. In any event, I hope you made it out of town and got some peace! And thank you for empathizing with me about the clock….it was the best decision I’ve ever made. ;o)

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