Ulul and Agung…my new crew

First step, be given a bag of superbly sour lemons.  Next, slice lemons in half and examine their innards, making sure to extract any unwanted seeds.  Then squeeze every last drop of sour juice out of the halved lemons with all your might (they may be sour, but they’re all you’ve got, so don’t waste a drop!) into a tall, clean glass.  Add all the sugar you can get your sticky hands on and dump it into the glass along with the juice.  Finally, mix the concoction thoroughly, add ice if you’ve got it, and drink it down like it’s the tastiest hooch that’s ever touched your lips!

I love hearing about my fellow volunteer’s experiences and about how, despite living in the same general region of the country, our living situations are so varied.  There are some people living in the mountains, where the temperature is cool and comfortable.  Others are living on, or near the beach (I not so secretly loathe those individuals), in well equipped cities or near luscious farmlands.

Me, gracefully demonstrating how to poke someone’s eyes out from the rear

After a school trip on Monday to “Blue Lake,” which is located in the southern mountains of Malang, I couldn’t help feeling like I drew the short straw in the permanent site sweepstakes.  You must understand that I am a fool for water…ocean, rivers, lakes, you name it, I love it all.  After spending so much time in, on and around the water over the years, I feel a certain peace when it’s there.  So when I got to my permanent site and couldn’t find a drop of the wet stuff, I felt deflated.  In and of itself, this wouldn’t be so bad, but as I mentioned in my last post, there is that Musholla(mini-mosque) next door with speakers that haunt my inner being day in and day out and show absolutely no signs of letting up.  The situation is far from ideal, which leads me to the point of this message…

Sometimes in life you get lemons and the best thing to do with them is to make

‘The Beach’

lemonade.  My “Cuz,” Matt B. put it best during his farewell speech to our training group just before departing from our previous site.  To paraphrase, he said….‘we don’t choose our family, they choose us and sometimes we are lucky (as was the case with our training group) and sometimes we aren’t.’  Well, I didn’t feel particularly lucky when I got to my permanent site and I still don’t, given the factors I mentioned in the paragraph above, but I intend to make lemonade with these f’n speakers, I mean lemons!  And with all the sugar laying around here, I couldn’t think of a better place to try.

What’s that old saying? “Best let a sleeping dude lay.”

Here’s to being happy with our lot and making the most with what we’ve got! *disclaimer…if you feel your living situation is worse than mine, disregard this entire message….thank you and good day.


6 thoughts on ““Lemonade”

  1. No way your lemonade is as good as Katie’s bu’s coffee. Unless you managed to force about 15 cups of sugar in. And just remember every time those speakers start up there’s another sorry schmuck over here who hears them too. 🙂

    • No, Matt, you’re right. Katie’s bu’s boo coffee was something special! I had to go on insulin after it, but it was worth it!
      And sadly, knowing you’re sharing the audial experience brings me great joy! 😉 Good, solid performance this morning, as it were.

  2. I’m sorry about the mushollah! If it makes you feel any better, everyone here speaks to me like Matt’s Ibu. They scream at me as though it will make me understand Basa Jawa. Yea, right!


    • hehe, thank you, Pallavee! It’s not the most pleasant sound in the world, but I’m getting used to it(?) And I’m sorry you live with a bunch of Bu Wiwis’! Maybe we can order some industrial strength earplugs in bulk at a discount!?

    • haha, “you’s a fine look’n woman when you back dat … up!” Don’t knock L-town, Phoenix. I spent some of the best years of my life there! lol.

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