Where there’s a Daffy, there’s a way!

Found a way to put photos up.  My buddy/co-worker is letting me use the wi-fi at his house….Thank you much, Pak Daffy!

Me and the kids having a little fun


6 thoughts on “Where there’s a Daffy, there’s a way!

  1. Friday night here and just caught up on your last few posts with a glass of wine. A great read as always and loving the pics. Just thinking it’s been about 6 years since we last caught up and hope that your next blog after all this will include your visit to Sydney before heading on the next adventure. A little while away yet but hey, thought I’d put it out there 🙂
    take care xox

    • Bron! Please tell me it only took you A glass and not a bottle to get through the reading? 🙂 Six years!? That’s shocking (and sad!). You know, the sunglasses I’m wearing in the photo are those you helped me pick out the last time we met so many years ago? I call em’ my….keepers. We don’t know know what tomorrow will bring, but if I have my way, you WILL be seeing me in the not so distant future! I hope the family is doing well!



  2. I remember those shades…..got a v cool pic of you sporting them somewhere in downtown osaka. i’m impressed you still have them. i’m lucky to keep a pair of sunnies for longer than 6 months without losing or breaking them. well if you don’t make it here i will find my way to you somewhere down the track. family all well. ella turns 1 in a few weeks.crazy how quickly the time goes.

    • I remember that day well…it was a good day. You’re impressed and I’m shocked. The first nice pair I had was a gift and I lost them in a month, but I’ve looked after these. Unbelievable…already 1!? I’m going to get over there somehow and see what this family life is all about! ;o) If you take a drink tonite, have one for ol’ Joe.



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