Sepak Bola, Village Style: Euro Cup Final 2012

My box seat

Generally speaking, I don’t like to use the word ‘never’ when talking about the future, but when it comes to sepak bolah (soccer), I think it is safe to say I will never be a huge fan.  Through my American tinted eyes, it just isn’t that interesting.  That being said, I have watched a game, or match(?) here and there to appease friends.  Such was the case last nite, when Spain faced off against Italy for the Euro Cup Final.  My host brother in law, Yazid, was able to commandeer a projector from my school and with the help of village hands, set up a huge screen between the trees that lead out to the sawa (rice fields).

Unfortunately, because of my subpar language skills, I

Not exactly a drive-in, but it’ll do

muffed up the day of the viewing and wound up waking up at 1:30am for absolutely nada (the showdown was to start at 2am).  In actuality, the match was Sunday, technically Monday, not Saturday.  I wasn’t mad, only confused, because I distinctly remember asking the same question over and over and kept getting the same answer, which led me to believe that I knew what was going on…I didn’t.  Sometimes, in Indonesia anyway, yes means no and vice versa.

Speaking of miscommunication, I had this exchange via SMS with a teacher at my school the other day.  I thought it was funny and, uncharacteristically, direct enough to share.  Here it is, unedited….

Moon over ‘sawa saya’

{Teacher:  “Mr. jo, I want you to come here to join take walk 3km tomorrow at 6:30 (a.m.) o’clock.. in my village so, you can prepare before it. don’t forget..

Me:  Afternoon Pak (????).  Thank you very much for the invitation, but I told my family that I would watch the soccer game tonite (it starts at 2am), so I think I will be sleeping at 6:30a.m.

Teacher:  “Ouw, never mind, up to you, but you must come here.. because after take a walk, any there competitions, one of them TARIK TAMBANG (tug of war).”}

No ambiguity there, I’ll give him that.

p.s. For the interested parties, Spain was victorious over Italy.


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