The Boys of Batu

Lost in the book of Indonesian laws, there is a law that states, “When Joe is eating, he

Man to men talk in the forest. From L-R, Yogi, Yosef and Joseph

will receive a visitor.”  It’s almost a guarantee.  In the U.S., this isn’t a big deal.  I’d set my food aside, not worrying about the prospect of it being carried away by ants or heaved upon by flies, I’d entertain my guests, and then once everyone left, I’d nuke my food and continue eating where I left off.  But that is in the U.S.

I attempted to get up twice upon hearing I had visitors, but my host mom and sister sat me down both times and said, makan dulu! (eat first!).  Any of you who know me well know that it takes me forever to eat, but I did as I was told and did my very best to devour my meal in as little time as possible.  Well, it still took forever, only now, in addition to my fast food, I had indigestion.

Yogi’s pride and joy! He’s been all around East Java on this thing.

When I walked out to the living room area, semi annoyed at this point, to see who had graced me with their presence, I was delighted to see that it was Yosef (“John’s son”) and Yogi, my host brother from Batu!  I’m usually not happy when I get surprise visitors here, but I was genuinely happy to see them and thought it was pretty damn nice of them to make the two hour trek via Yogi’s 1983 Vespa.

My new host mom wound up making them lunch and everyone suggested I eat a second time, as not to feel left out; I obliged.  The boys later would tell me that I looked like I’ve gotten fat, which is absolutely correct.  I’ve been eating here left and right and for no other reason than boredom.  I’ve also stopped exercising, walking, etc.  Since I’m  a creature of movement and I’ve been like a statue here, a statue with the rare ability to eat whatever is in front of it, it’s been hard for me mentally.  I don’t know where I can go to exercise without the eyes of 30 strangers burning through me.  In a word, it’s awkward.  My best bet is to train in the cloak of darkness….I’ll figure it all out soon.

You’ll never see this, but it was great seeing you, boys!


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