Today was a good day

In the words of Ice Cube, “I gotta say, today was a good day.”

Everyone is entitled to a sleep in once in a while.

First cup of coffee down the hatch. Zoning out with the internet for a bit.

On my third or fourth(?) cup of coffee; I’ve lost count. Surprise surprise, my “bit” turned into a little longer than I thought…internet is still going strong, as am I thanks to the coffee.

Get a surprise call from my buddy in California. Really great to hear from him. We wound up talking for an hour about all kinds of things (thanks for the call, amigo)!

Get another surprise call, this time from my ma. I’m tripping over my words at this point, because I’ve overdone the caffeine, but manage to get my points across. Mom is the most understanding person I know.

Time to eat oatmeal with peanut butter and bananas, my standard breakfast these days. It’s the one meal a day I have complete control over and it’s comforting.

Time to turn off this ‘cussing’ computer and start living! First step, wash the tub of dirty clothes I’ve been putting off and clean myself up. Pain in the arese, but it has to be done. My host mother taught me a new, streamlined/suspect technique that expedites the process. I’ve got my tunes in the bathroom as I do it, so it’s not that horrible.

I’m out of here! Hopped on my sepeda (bicycle) and hit the congested road.  I was told there was a movie theater in town, so I had a sense of purpose.  Took my about an hour door to door, but I found it…my new sanctuary.


Bought my ticket for “The Amazing Spiderman,” which, it turns out, wasn’t amazing at all, but I was happy as can be to know there was a theater here (Batman is coming soon)!  After the ticket, I stopped by a convenient store for snack and asked the girl working there if she knew of a good place to eat nearby.  She told me about a little eatery across the bridge,  so I got back on my horse and headed over.  Turned out to be delicious and the atmosphere was good; I’ll be back next time I’m in town.


After lunch I stopped in the town square for a coconut drink, my new favorite.  As I was sitting in the grass, enjoying my moment, a man who clammed to be a journalist approached me and asked if I’d like to go inside to his office.  My first thought was…well, no, I would not, but I quickly changed my mind and took him up on his offer.  It turns out he was legit.  He even knew a teacher at my school.  There were two other dudes inside that worked for the media and they had a slew of questions for me, but they weren’t the usual, “you like rice?” kind of questions.  They asked me interesting things, like “what is the motivation to come to a place like this, given how comfortable your own country is?”  I had to piece meal me a lot of my answers, since they did not speak English and my Indonesian has a ways to go, but I was appreciative of their genuine interest.  I told them I had a movie to catch and they said I am welcome anytime I’m in the area.  We exchanged contacts and I was off to the movie theater again.


Made some new friends at movie house.  The staff was very friendly and, since I intend to come back more than a few times, I was happy to volley small talk.  As I mentioned earlier, I could’ve given “Spiderman” a miss, but I still enjoyed the experience; the two bags of M&Ms I brought with me didn’t hurt.


The road was less congested on the way back and since there were fewer people on it, I got a lot less “hello Misterrrrr(s), which was nice.  It was (mostly) just me, my tunes and my bike for another hour of peace.


My day is winding down, but I’ve still got a few chores that need attention before I call it a wrap.  Today was by far the most independent and happy I’ve felt for a long time.  It was a classic “Joe Day”….meeting strangers, exploring uncharted territory, enjoying the moment…s.  With a little luck and a little more bull headedness (everyone tried to talk me out of ridding that far on my bike), I’ll be having a lot more of these days in the near future.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


3 thoughts on “Today was a good day

  1. ah, this DOES sound like a very good day, Mas Joe! You seem to be doing well, and i am super proud of you! i haven’t been able to sneak my bike rice to the nearest city yet (my cp + host fam keeps following me around!) but it will happen soon!!!! and mmm m&ms. 😀

    • Dhee Dhee, it really was. If I were there, I’d find a way to spring you loose! I’ll try and devise a plan from here and send it over your way. Until then…sit tight and stay upbeat! 오빠 P.S. the M&Ms WERE good! You know they are more expensive than a roll of Oreos!? I bought those too :o)

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