“I do”

Smile like you mean it.

Just a couple of random photos from the last couple of random weeks. I attended

another wedding, this one for one of my co-workers, in a pretty little town named Tutur. Afterward, my principal and I, along with a few other teachers took an impromptu (for me, not them) trip to Malang to pick up some new electronic equipment for the school. Of course, I forgot to tell my host family I’d be back late like I said I would, which caused quite a stir. I redeemed myself later that nite when I once again donned the ol‘ copiya (national Indonesian hat) for another chicken slaughter party in my village.

The treasure is just under that pile of chicken feces.

In other news… As part of the, “get to know your hood” campaign the Peace Corps wants us to do, we had to draw a map of how to get to our house, lest a problem arise and we need evacuating. After much more than three weeks to prepare, this is what I came up with. I think you’ll agree that it’s simpleton’ism, I mean minimalism, at it’s finest!

Lastly, since I’ve moved into my new place (pictures soon to come), I’ve been laying pretty low. There’s been a little soccer with the neighborhood kids, reading of books, listening of music. I also managed to get a little fishing in, which is good for the soul, mine, not really the fish’s. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch either one of the two fish residing in my mandi (bath/bath tub). One of them is a bold little sucker who practically dares me to take water out of his tank. I can respect his moxie, but we’ll see how

Catch of the day!

brave he is when I’m using a hook next time!


6 thoughts on ““I do”

  1. Oh Lordy! You mean you fished and are keeping them as pets?? We all miss you! P.s. I love the wedding pictures, and I love you! M. Xoxoxo

    • Hehe, no Ma, those things were already in there. They help control the mosquito infestation. It’s like my own little Japanese pond. 🙂 Love you too!

  2. ahahahahahahahahah! i love that you fished the mosquito eating fish in your mandi! i literally spat my water out of my mouth as i burst out laughing! oh, Mas Joe. always making Indonesia more fun!

    • I hope you didn’t spit that water over that nice pink laptop of yours!? I’m glad enjoyed it though and it was great talking to you! Keep me posted with your happenings…

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