‘Coo Coo for Coconuts’

Machette 1, Coconut 0

It’s probably no secret by now that living in a village in rural Indonesia has it’s pitfalls, wiping my butt with my bare hand springs to mind.  But for every negative there is a positive and one of the things I absolutely LOVE about living here is the availability, at least in theory, of “exotic,” fresh fruit.  Some of it you may have seen in the local supermarket, some of it you haven’t.  It’s all tasty and I take full advantage of it when the opportunity arises.

One of my new favorite of the favorites is fresh coconut water, especially when it’s ice cold, which is almost never: Ooooooh boy!  The other day we had a couple of coconuts lying around the house and wound up chopping them up for desert.  Normally I’d be over the moon about this, but unfortunately my host mom went mad scientist on me and took liberties with the traditional coconut water bowl recipe.  The end result was edible, but a poor substitute for the regular dish.  So what was the special ingredient that infiltrated my precious treat?  Instead of using the plain ol’ coconut water in the bowl, which is also filled coconut shavings, my Ibu added ‘red flavored,’ flat, “Fanta” soda.  So close, but yet, so far.  I still enjoyed it, but next time, give it to me straight, baby; I can take it!

‘Cuts like a knife’…my host sister is taking aim.


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