Awkward Moment of the Week (A.M.O.W.)

Here’s how it went down.  My roommate had just left the house for some dinner party.  I said goodbye, closed the door and locked it behind him.  I then decided it was a good idea to strip down to my britches and practice doing a handstand in the living room (don’t ask).  Five minutes later I hear a knock on the door.  “Son-of-a…!”  By this point I’m dripping with sweat and half dizzy from being upside down.  I can see through the windows on either side of the front door (there are no curtains).  It’s, literally, “the girl next-door.”  There’s no telling how long she was standing there before she knocked…..oh boy.


I scramble to get dressed, grabbing the first things I see.  So here I am, pants unbuttoned, disheveled hair, sweaty, sporting a dirty, black polo shirt that has toothpaste stains on it from a morning mishap the day prior.  Oh, and my collar is popped!  And now that you’ve got that disturbing image firmly planted in your head, here’s what happen next.

I open the door and this young woman, who is always super friendly, but whom I’ve never really been introduced to, is holding a plate of food in her hand.  I ask what it is and she tells me it’s nasi (rice, a.k.a. dinner).  I invite her in.  She’s saying a bunch of things, very little of which I’m understanding.  I’m still sweating and a little out of breath from my gymnastic’s program.  I give her one of those high pitched “thank you(s)” that you do when you are in an awkward situation.

I then take the plate from her hands.  She’s still talking and having a bit of a look around the house.  I take the food into the kitchen and she follows me in.  She’s staring at me, not saying anything now.  I start getting a funny feeling, like maybe she is waiting for me to make a move or something and I’m just standing there like a piece of bamboo, uncomfortably smiling, swaying and saying whatever Indonesian comes to mind (not much, as it were).  Just when I think I’m about to be taken advantage of, she says “piring, Joe.”  The whole time she was just waiting for me to transfer the food she brought to a new plate so she could take hers home.  I was very relieved…..and just as disappointed.


One thought on “Awkward Moment of the Week (A.M.O.W.)

  1. This is an amazing story. I’m really excited to meet you, you’ll have to retell this in person. I won’t ask why you practice doing handstands in your room, but I will tell you that I can totally empathize with the shirts with toothpaste dribble — somehow it always happens to the shirts that I recently picked up from the laundry lady. GAHHHHH.

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