Volunteering Information: Joe Taylor

I got this interview idea from fellow volunteer, Elle (thank you, by the way!), who has a neat blog of her own (http://elleindonesiadventures.wordpress.com).  For my first interview, I’ve decided to go with….ME!  Well, not exactly, but I got the next best thing.  So, without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce my old hotel roomie, my counterpart teacher during practum…my buddy, Mr. Joe Taylor, a.k.a. “Joe Jr.,” “Eddie” and “Strong Joe.”

Me:  First off, let’s address the elephant in the room.  How does it feel, and don’t hold back here, to be living in the shadow of, well, me, Joe Sr.?

Joe Jr.:  frankly it’s tough…as soon as we set foot in indonesia people were calling you

“you talking to ME?”

big joe/tall joe etc…i immediately felt denigrated. sure, i got everyone to call me strong joe, but i cant lift weights to save my life…it’s all a big lie, and it’s due to your presence. ive been secretly hoping you’ll just head home one of these days…this island aint big enough for the both of us

Me:  Right, now that that’s out of the way.  What has been the most frustrating thing about your PC experience thus far, ‘Misterrrrr?’
Joe Jr.:  id say having a lot of free time, but not being able to necessarily spend it the way i want to. but im going to start asserting myself a little more. few know this, but ive been called the bobby flay of my generation. im hoping to get into the kitchen and start showing these people what a real piece of meat tastes like. but it hasn’t been too frustrating to be honest.
Me:  You’ve been called ‘edgy,’ ‘a risk taker of the highest order’ and a
regular….’Mr. Saturday Nite’ (i just made that up), but I know you are more
of a down-home kind of character who is very fond of reading,
listening to music (eight years of piano?) and enjoys a good comedy
here and there.  So, if you would, please give name three of your
favorites these days (one of each medium).

Joe Jr.:  you’re right joe, i’m one of those guys who has really had to adjust to not getting drunk nightly, but that’s okay. the heroin’s out too, but i needed to kick that habit anyway. in terms of music, ive been into the latest Dirty Projectors album Swing Lo Magellan (also pumped for the new Animal Collective in September). For reading, I really enjoyed Richard Wright’s Black Boy, and for a good comedy I typically turn to Fantastic Mr. Fox. I’ve been on a Sopranos kick lately too, so don’t break my balls.

Me:  When you need to ‘get away,’ here, where do you go  (I’ll be sure to forward this to those running buddies of yours)?

Joe Jr.:  I like to go running in the fields. It’s usually quieter back there so I can just enjoy a run without being called a “bule” or, even more offensive, a person from Holland. I also bike 15km  into the nearest active area (I can’t really call it a city) where there’s an outdoor cafe that has wifi. Those are my two spots.

Me:  Lastly, the question all the readers are desperate to know….what do you admire most about me!?  J/K.  We’ve talked in length about your plans for the future and I was really surprised to learn about your professional interests.  Would you like to share a little about what your aspirations after PC?

Joe Jr.:  i’d need a 1000 page book to fill what i admire about you. you’ve got moxie kid. immediately after PC i want to maybe fly to the world cup in brazil and then road trip across america with my girlfriend Liza. as for aspirations, I’m hoping to get accepted into a PhD program for education for the the fall of 2014. ultimately I think i’d like to be a professor and do some literacy stuff in an urban area. way down the line, i want to open a small diner (…bobby flay of my generation). serve a lot of crazy things. i tell ya what joe, if i open a joint and you come through, the first round will be on the house, you’re alright!

*I’d like to thank Mr. Taylor for taking time out from practicing his ‘Bobby Flay’ impersonation to help me with this interview, which was conducted entirely over e-mail.  If you’d like to contact Mr. Taylor for further questions, he can be found “running in the fields.”  Thank you.

I have high hopes for the youngster. Make me proud, boy…make me proud.


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