‘Flu Fighter’

When things seem tough, I have to remind myself that at least I don’t live in an old Kotex box like this poor guy.

Nobody likes getting sick, but I like to think I take it worse than others.  For the past few days I had been feeling a little run down, which I attributed to a lack of aktivitas; counterintuitive maybe, but boredom does strange things.  When my throat started giving me the business yesterday though, I new EXACTLY what was happening and I wasn’t happy about it.  Nearly 97% of the time, my colds start out the same way.  I feel sluggish/negative, don’t sleep well for a few days in a row and then whammo, the sore throat.  Since yesterday, I’ve also had the chills, a despicable case of “hot body” and adopted the strength of an infant.  The timing couldn’t have been more comical, as I had planned to start exercising again this very morning (I’ve been a little slack for a couple of weeks).  Also, school starts up again tomorrow; lovely.

Simple joys.

There is a silver lining in all this however.  I believe, perhaps naively, that these colds/flus come on to teach us to slow down a little; to stop and smell the roses if you will.  That may sound a little foo foo, but when I get sick, I’m able to take a step back and revaluate what is and is not important to me.

I hope this finds you all in good spirits and in good health!  That’s me done…


4 thoughts on “‘Flu Fighter’

  1. I’m not great with illness either. Hope you get better soon. Remember that nasty cough I had last time we hung out. That was terrible. lol. Seriously only ever experienced that in Japan. Hope you get better soon. Love the pics xox

    • Grazi, Bron! I just woke up and it seems to be moving around a little, so that’s a (good) sign(?) “The Cough?,” haha. Not funny, but hard not to laugh. You’ve got me thinking about it now. lol. Weren’t we calling it the ultimate souvenir?

      Have a great day! xo, Joe

    • Willis! I’m sorry to hear that, partner. And I think there’s definitely something to your theory. Shaking hands is one thing, but couple then you’re expected to take said hand and put food in your mouth…over and over and over. Surely that can’t be a good thing. Maybe we can introduce the American “fist bump” as a secondary/health project?

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