‘Pot Luck Week’

It’s cat’s like this that give Indonesia a bad name (no less than 10 minutes later, I joined him)!

Another weird week in the bag.  It’s been pretty windy every nite for a least a month, but Tuesday was an entirely different animal and there was no wind to be found…believe me, I looked!  I was feeling the heat in a big way, as was this cat on my front step, who upon me ACCIDENTALLY waking him, looked at me in complete disgust.  In addition to the heat, I had an alien visitor in my gut.  Earlier in the

You KNOW you’re tired when you reach for the Red Bull.

day I had accidentally consumed some milk that had turned and was treated to BLA-k so (bak so…a kind of fake, shitty “meatball” in chicken broth) for lunch, so it could’ve been one, or both of those delights.  Whatever it was, it threw me for a loop.  I’ve since recovered.

My grandfather is fond of saying, “Why curse the darkness, when you can light a candle.” In Indonesia, a motorcycle in the living room works just as well!

We also had a power outage in the village, which happens from time to time.  I kind of like when the lights go out, because I like sleeping in pitch blackness, but a lot of people here don’t seem to care for it…they’re afraid of ghosts.  (*quick side note: I’ve been told by a number of folks, mostly male, but some female as well, that ghosts here are quite beautiful…long, flowing black hair, voluptuous figures, etc.  Why they are trying so hard to avoid these haunting beauties is beyond me, but I suppose that just means more ghosts for me!)  In any event, the power was soon restored and my three, grown-up, manly roommates were able to go to sleep…al-HUM-du-li-la…or something to that effect.

And finally, this morning my host dad invited me to his

He looks harmless enough, but he’s a real trickster! I’m already plotting my revenge.

elementary school again, this time to play volleyball with his students.  Unfortunately, I missed the volleyball, but I’m still happy I went.  Those kids go bonkers for the orang asin (foreigner); what a magnificent crowd!  They are so full of life and happiness that you can’t help but walk away in good mood.

Not long after I arrived my host dad had me follow him on my bike to get some iced dagang (coconut water), which I was more than happy to do, dagang being my favorite beverage here.  Later in the day though, any goodwill he extended my way at school was forgotten, when he invited the eleven year old, chess champion son of his

If one of these kids ever beat me, it’s quittin’ time.

friend to my place for a ‘friendly match.’  How I agreed to this one, I don’t know, but it was a huge mistake.  The little snot shook my hand and then my world, as he proceeded to break me, piece by piece.  I’d love to say I let him best me, but that’s simply not true.  Plan and simple, he played me like a well tuned fiddle.  The funniest part of it all is that my host dad had talked me up quite a bit beforehand, telling the boy and his father that I was an American chess master of sorts, which he found incredibly amusing after watching me get dismantled…repeatedly.  I’m sure my buddy Jared will get a huge kick out of this too, because I have set him and countless others up for the kill many times over the years.

If you can power through the crud, and there is definitely some crud to be powered through, there are some rewarding moments to be had here.  One of my favorite things about my home is all the wonderful sunrises, sunsets and great many stars I can see at nite.  Wherever you are, I hope you are finding joy in the little things this week!

I can think of worse views to close a day with.



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