‘Field of Dreams’


I won’t sugarcoat it…my first high school was a dump. We had bars on the windows (super depressing), a robust “thug” community and not much in the way of aesthetic beauty. Looking back though, from the perspective of a sports lover, we had it pretty good. There was grass, outdoor and indoor basketball courts, a dilapidated track (still a track) and a good sized football field to be tortured on.

At the boarding school I volunteer at (where 7 schools reside), they have but one field to share and it’s completely void of any living thing, aside from the lone tree you see on the left. Just walking past this thing every day is enough to give you a good dusting, so I can only imagine what playing on it is like.



2 thoughts on “‘Field of Dreams’

  1. Joe! Just catching up on your blog. That photo above looks like a Japanese park! Life there sounds good, but tough. Good on you for getting through everything so far!!
    Yosh and I caught up with Nathan yesterday (he is living in Melbourne now). We played some bball, specifically Around the World. I won. It reminded us of working at the cuuuuuube. Take care xo

    • Jill, so nice to hear from you! It does, doesn’t it? Dust is yet another form of kryptonite for me, so I don’t spend much time on the “field.” Nathan told me about his move; cool that you guys can hang out again. At some point, I plan on joining you. Those were good times, Jill. Am I supposed to be surprised you won!?

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