‘Birthday Girl’

Yanti, working her own birthday.

My host sister, Yanti celebrated her 20th birthday yesterday.  The days leading up to the event hadn’t been all that joyful on account of Yanti’s mom, Bu Sulis, having being admitted to the hospital for diabetic complications.  In fact, Bu Sulis has been in and out of the hospital for weeks, but as many times as she’s gone, I’ve never known her to stay overnite.  When I found out she wasn’t coming home Sunday and then again on Monday, I was worried, and if I was worried, I can only imagine how her real family felt?  Fortunately, Bu Sulis was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon, just in time for Yanti to celebrate her birthday, guilt free!  There was a small, but rowdy dinner party held at the family’s home and I sat in for a bit and did what I do best…eat.  It was great to see Yanti smile after all of the stress of late.

The lady of the hour.

Happy Birthday, Yant!  From your slightly creepy looking, but caring host brother, Joe.


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