Don’t mind if I do!

Another nite of weirdo sleep (waking up X number of times due to X number of reasons; once in a cold sweat), another day of me fumbling around at 3:30am wanting to make coffee, only to realize that my roommates once again left me with dirty dishes, another mild, but needed exercise session outside, another bowl of oatmeal, another bucket bath and another day of school.  Oh I know, boo hoo, but there are some days you just aren’t up for it and today was one of those days.  The prospect of spending another morning/afternoon perspiring in the teacher’s office, armed with the knowledge that a lot of the volunteers were off to Bali for the weekend (my trip to Jogja isn’t until next Friday), was enough to drive a sane man mad.  I hadn’t even made it up to the teacher’s office when I was broadsided by a mob of female students.  We chitchatted for a few minutes and before I left, one of them game me this sweetie.  It was a nice moment and ALMOST made me forget about the dread that lay ahead.


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