‘When/where it stops, no one knows’

My roommate is driving and his face says it all.

Yesterday at school I was “asked” if I would like to attend a school event in a town a couple hours away.  Being asked here always feels more like a demand than a question, but the end result is always the same.  I tried to weasel my way out, but since I didn’t have any classes planned and my counter parts waved me off, I reluctantly agreed.  If nothing else, I figured I’d get a couple tasty meals out of the ordeal.

The mixologist at work.

That was at 9am.  I didn’t get home until 7:30pm.  In between those times, there was a lot of driving that was making nauseous, so I tried to sleep it off, much to the chagrin of my mobile mates.  There were many stops along the way, both coming and going, most of which involved food, but some that were mere formalities, honoring this or that, highly esteemed individual.  I played along the best I could, but inside, all I could think of was how foolish I’d been to come along.  I once read somewhere that, unless you are completely thrilled with a proposal, don’t agree to it, because you’ll be doing it for the wrong reasons, and half-assed at that.  Sound advice, me thinks.

The whole purpose of this journey was to witness the

Roommate and the rest of the gang waiting to get juiced.

performance of one of our school’s more accomplished students, at an English speech competition.  Great news, the student wound up winning 1st prize, which she mistakingly gave me credit for, but I never saw it since my convoy decided to stop off at a roadside food stall for a little cow innards soup called Lotong Kilkill (I don’t recommend it).  Once we got to our destination, it wasn’t long before we started making our way right back from where we started, but not before stopping once again, this time for a drink.  Efficient?  Absolutely not.  But was it fun!?  Absolutely not.

One glass of exoticness, please.

It WAS tasty however.  The drink, a well balanced mixture of Durian, kelapa muda, alprikat, leici and coconut cream, was by far the best thing I’d drank since the ice cold Guiness I had the nite prior.  It was also the first time I consumed durian in any form, so I was happy to slay that dragon.  The next time I have an opportunity to try that foul smelling fruit, I’ll man up and do it langsung (directly), but for the time being, I was more than happy to enjoy it in cocktail form.  Another highpoint of the day came hours later.  The sun was falling behind the mountains and when we hit some more rural roads, I was able to stick my head out of the window like a dog and enjoy the cool breeze.  It was exhilarating.


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