‘Sex Ed. 000’

During PST (pre service training) in the PC, we undergo ten weeks of somewhat rigorous study.  It’s mentally taxing more than anything; information overload.  Most of the stuff we hear doesn’t stick, but there were some moments that I couldn’t forget if I tried.  This was one such moment…

*To my fellow volunteers, I hope this gets you excited (sorry, couldn’t help myself) for IST (in service training).  See ya’ll next week!


12 thoughts on “‘Sex Ed. 000’

  1. taking a condom off a giant wooden dildo is harder (no pun intended) then I ever could’ve imagined when volunteering for this demonstration .

  2. ha ha! oh joe! i missed reading your blog. i forgot about it to be honest, but this video just reminded me how great it is. keep up the quality nonsense!

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