Fame and Feasts


When I got to school today I was treated to a fresh copy of the tri-monthly, school publication. I vaguely remember giving the interview, but there it was, with my smug face on the cover no less. Looking forward to see what they do with the action figures.

In other news, this poor goat, along with thousands of others (cows too), will be slaughtered tomorrow as part of an Islamic celebration. I’ll report more next week after I live it.



6 thoughts on “Fame and Feasts

  1. You just never take a day off, do you? Power ‘stache pose. “Be My Fairy Love” subtitle. I need a copy of this, it easily outshines any accomplishments I’ve achieved.

    • Haha. Man, there were boxes of these things! I thought about nabbing one for my ma and chucking the rest into a trash fire. * thanks for pointing out the ‘fairy love,’ eagle eyes! (><)

  2. LOL !!! That’s hysterical. Another one for the Memoir. Man, you’re starting to blend in. I had to do a double take to make sure that was you !!!

    • Indeed. How’d you like to to be my ghost writer? And in ref to your “blend in” comment…”That’s a fargin lie and you KNOW IT!” (for 10 points, what’s that from!?)

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