Happy Birthday, MAN Bangil!

A very warm welcome from a bunch of great kids.

Yesterday I was informed by my principal that I was invited by ANOTHER principal to give a speech to his students at MAN Bangil High School, which is located about a forty minute drive from here.  I’ve mentioned how these “invitations” work before, but just to review, when you are “invited” to a school event here, it’s more like an order than a request.  So, with that in mind, my principal and I loaded up his old Ford four door this morning and set out for Bangil.

My escorts.

It wasn’t my first time to MAN Bangil, so I was somewhat familiar with the place and a few of the teachers that work there.  I met two new ones though that I clicked with straight off.  The only time we took a break from talking was when I gave my “motivation speech,” which I had told was going to be for the students, but instead was received by the administrators and teachers from schools in the surrounding area.

Back on the circuit.

I had “planned” to talk about the differences between American and Indonesian teenagers, but since they pulled the ol’ switcharoo on with my audience, I had to pull something out of my bag of tricks on the spot.  I was as bored as they looked during the sermon, so I decided to give them a little thrill and sing Happy Birthday, MAN Bangil at the end of my speech.  They didn’t know what hit them and I didn’t exactly know what I hit them with, but it made for a scene and that was good enough for me.

Could it be that Chinchilla underwear I’ve been wishing for!? Whatever it is, I’m grateful.

At the conclusion of the event, I was then presented with this gift (with obligatory, principal photo op to capture the moment of good will), which I have yet to open.  How many times have you been to someone else’s birthday party and received a present!?  I can’t wait until next year’s shebang!


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