Late, but not forgotten

CammO, this one is for you! Takes you right back to Imazato, doesn’t it!?

I’m not a big believer in astrology, but I do seem to have a number of close relationships with people with birthdays this month (and late Oct, Russ).  I did a very terrible job of remembering the dates of these birthdays this year, which I’m not very proud of.  I’ll do better next year! 😉

Happy Birthday to you all!


2 thoughts on “Late, but not forgotten

  1. Haha, sure does. I thought it was me at first and I was thinking I don’t remember that floral picture on my wall.
    Great way to relax n unwind.

    Thanks for the bday wishes brother Joe. I had a good one. My g/f got me a surprise cake in the shape of boobs. LOL. It was boobalicious.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

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