‘Let’s talk Turkey’

It could’ve been a disaster; alone, sweating, eating nasi (rice) whatever, missing my family, etc.  Instead, I had one of the more memorable Thanksgiving dinners in years and it was all made possible by a remarkable group of new friends.  A group whom I never would’ve gotten the pleasure of knowing had I not seized this opportunity to join the Peace Corps.

The tip of the iceberg.

There were a great many things to be thankful for this year; the new people in my life, old friends, who continue to support me every step of the way regardless of where I am or what I’m doing, health, the seemingly never ending experiences that touch me in so many ways and most of all, I’m thankful for my tremendous family, who have make this crazy ride possible; without you, I am not me, which, depending on whom you ask, might not be a bad thing. 😉

What a group!

From the bottom of my turkey stuffed heart, thank you all and Happy Thanksgiving!


5 thoughts on “‘Let’s talk Turkey’

  1. Dear jb, what a beautiful note and such a beautiful group of people. Bless all of you!xoxoxo I love you! M.

    • It did, didn’t it? I stole it off Primo. He always bails me out of these photo’less moments. And ref pink shirt, thank you….it’s about time you came around! 😛

    • Awww, that’s a very sweet thing to say, thank you, Dhee Dhee! And though it lacks originality on my part, let it be known that I feel the same way! 😉 Miss you too!

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