‘Doppelgänger: Part II’

It’s no secret that I get bored very easily and when I don’t have anything constructive to do, I often wind up changing something about myself.  Over the years this has been a source of both amusement and frustration for family and friends.  Usually, but not always, the ladies in my life scold me while the boys have a great laugh, but sometimes a look is so bad that I’ll catch grief from both sides.  This was NOT one of those times, but the complaining from the girls was relentless. Thank you Neil for pointing out my latest doppelgänger.

Sprite does strange things to a man.

The guy was ahead of his time.

The guy was ahead of his time.


6 thoughts on “‘Doppelgänger: Part II’

  1. You always looks handsome. I get the impression this time of a GI on weekend furlow in Asia, a light adult film actor with decent acting skills or a travellling salesman from the eighties

  2. I still say you look like Magnum PI when you have a moustache. Tried to insert pic from google images but no luck.

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