Let the madness begin!

Lenny the lizard

Lenny the lizard

Happy New Year, everyone!  I am back at sight as of last week after a very enjoyable, but all too short reprieve from village life.  I would like to tell you that it’s wonderful to be back, that I had my fill of fun in the sun, but that would be a bunch of ‘bull roar.’  It didn’t take me long to snap back into reality as I took the wrong bus home and wound up walking a good couple of hours before I found the right one.  I actually enjoyed the time though, as it gave me a little time to reflect.  When I did finally get home, I couldn’t help but notice I had a new roommate.  My host mom, having heard how much I like animals, somehow found a way to wrap a cord around a ‘To-ke(?)’ lizard and tie him to my window frame.  It was a lovely gesture, but as soon as she went inside, I grabbed the lizard and spent the next thirty minutes attempting to cut the cord off and  set him free.  He wasn’t looking too good when I put him down, but when I came back to check on him ten minutes later, he had vanished.  I’m hopeful that he left on his accord and wasn’t carried off by an army of ants.

Free at last, alhumdulilah, free at last!

Free at last, alhumdulilah, free at last!


4 thoughts on “Let the madness begin!

  1. I have a resident te-ko (sp?) in between my wall and the dining room table, and the damn thing wakes me up EVERY night. I might murder it. Sorry.

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