‘Not so Happy Valentine’s Day’

valentinesdayI normally don’t bring my camera to school, but recently I’ve been re-inspired to start documenting my experiences here, so yesterday morning I chucked it into my bag before I headed to school.  By shear dumb luck, we happened to be having a demonstrasi.  Wonderful, I thought, I’ve got something to snap.  Then I caught wind of the purpose of the event….to boycott Valentine’s Day.  Huh!?  That’s right, ol’ Valentinus and his day of celebrating love are simply not welcome at my school and, along with the school’s administration, my little, uniformed, uninformed students were attempting to fire the final, proverbial arrow through Saint Valentine’s heart.

Wait, NO "free sex!?"  Well why are we here!?

Wait, NO “free sex!?” Why are we here then!?

Breaking hearts, one Valentine's Day at a time.

Breaking hearts, one Valentine’s Day at a time.

To be truthful, I’ve never been a fan of the day myself, even when I had someone to call my own.  This was taking it a bit far though and after the demonstration wrapped up, I gave a few of the teachers an earful.  It’s one thing to not want to celebrate the occassion, but portraying the day as a drunken orgy is altogether different.  These kids are Indonesia’s future and it pains me to know they are getting this kind of misinformation shoveled down their gullets.  Even sadder, I forgot the memory card for my camera at the house, but was still able to take a couple of photos and an all too short video (internet is too slow to post it right now) of the riot with my camera’s internal memory.  It got much more animated (and disturbing) as it went on.  Somewhere out there, Cupid is sitting in a puddle of his own tears.


7 thoughts on “‘Not so Happy Valentine’s Day’

  1. This is truly odd. Seems like a lot of time and energy wasted on something that’s such a novelty for us.

    • You’re telling me! I stood there slack jawed. Unrelated, you still got an email coming your way! I haven’t had the Internet at site, but I’m out using wi-if on this iPod thing (tough to type with my clumsy thumbs(sy?). Be in touch soon! Xo, Joe

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  3. Looking forward to hearing from you. Clicked on the link above too. Enjoyed reading the poems 🙂

  4. You clearly need to come to my site where teachers and students planned several Valentine’s Day events. Of course your school would probably think my school is a den of sin, but I think you would like it. 🙂

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