‘Taking in the Sites’


Not long ago I had the good fortune to accompany Peace Corps staff on a “site development” trip, wherein staff meet with potential schools and host families in hopes of finding suitable homes for incoming volunteers.

The day I went we visited a familiar place named Tutur, a rural town in the middle of the mountains in Pasuruan. Tutur is well known for its apples. I had been there months ago when my friend Michelle was living there. Michelle has since gone home, but she is still very much missed. I know this because I asked her host mother and she responded with tears…real ones; oopsie.

For whomever winds up in Tutur, I think you’ll find it quite agreeable. To Ms. Michelle, look familiar!?


One thought on “‘Taking in the Sites’

  1. Oh Wow! Like It Was Yesterday! So Glad It’s Almost Time For TUtur To Get Another Volunteer… Whoever It Is Certainly Has A Lot To Look Forward To,
    Starting With Heart Shaped Pillows, Bamboo Forests And A Mischievous Ibu. I Have No Idea Why My Phone Is Capitalizing Every Word. Hugs To You Ole Coyote!

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