‘Mix’n & Match’n’

P1030528In my never ending quest to make my Indonesian dwelling more “homelike,” I find that my room is in a constant state of transformation.  I dare say it’s become one of my favorite pastimes here.  At any given time, you can find me sawing, hammering, moving, throwing, rearranging or simply staring at the contents of my room, trying to find that “perfect” combo.  That magic setup still eludes me, but I am getting closer and closer, which, to be quite honest, frightens me, because once I find it, I’m going to have to find something else constructive to do with my time.

One of my latest endeavors involved taking apart a perfectly functioning table lamp so that I could rewire it and hang it from my wall like a Japanese lantern.  My first attempt was fun, but futile, as I shorted out the entire house and wound up kicking over my refreshing, iced cola in the darkness.  I’m happy to say that I have since sorted this out.

Mission Control

Mission Control

My other project, the one that has been haunting me since I flubbed it up weeks ago, was my (former) standing desk.  I was so fed up with the constant swarming of mosquitos (my room is LOUSY with them) that I wanted to rig the mosquito net that hangs over my bed to sit over the computer during the day.  I figured I could just move it back when I went to bed at nite.  I couldn’t do that with the height the desk was at however, so I sawed off it’s legs.  Then I discovered the net was more trouble than I was willing to deal with.  What I was left with was a very pedestrian, unprotected, sitting desk, so I found some old wood out back and started ripping it apart and tried to put together some new legs.  That didn’t work though.  The quality of wood just wasn’t there and I didn’t have the kind of screws I needed.  Plus, I felt bad about evicting the termites.  I wound up dumping it all out.  Then the proverbial Japanese lantern light hit me in the head!  There were two cardboard boxes not being put to use in my closet and stacked together, atop my dresser, they were just the right height for my computer.  And so it is.


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