‘Ain’t no sunshine…’

…but there are lightening bugs!  As a rule, I’m not much of an insect man, but as with any other rule, there are exceptions.  In this case, that exception is lightning bugs, otherwise known as fireflies; they fascinate me.  When I was a young lad growing up in Miami, there was an empty field alongside my apartment complex that was overcome with them.  I’d bottle up as many as I could and stare in wonder as they illuminated my bedroom.  Unfortunately, they aren’t as prevalent as they once were, so when I come across one these days, I get extra excited about it.  It being rainy season here, the amount of mosquitos has increased tenfold and it’s nearly driven me mad, but the few lightening bugs I’ve seen have made up for it (*for the record, I no longer bottle them up).  During a recent, heavy thunder storm, we lost all power in the village, save for this little guy.


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