‘Tuesdays with Mickey’

As I was finishing up my coffee this morning, I got a special request from my host sister. Apparently there was something under her bed that she was afraid to pull out; oh boy. When a girl from the village is “afraid” of something, it probably isn’t good. I took my last swing of caffeinated courage and followed her into the room. The first thing that hit me was the smell, but when I pulled out the last ‘mouseketeer’ from beneath the bed (after snapping this photo, of course), I nearly heaved up my coco puffs. The sight of maggots performing an organic autopsy on this poor rat, just inches from my face, was almost too much, but I had to keep up appearances. I wound up chucking him into the river outside, as my host sister suggested. Two seconds later I realized there was a woman washing her clothes…dishes(?) in the said river about ten meters away…downstream! I did an about-face and quick walked inside. And now it’s time for my oreos, so if you’ll excuse me.

What's under YOUR bed!?

What’s under YOUR bed!?


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