‘Treinta y Cinco’

March 7th, 2013

Thirty-five years ago, in a land far, far away, a baby was born…in fact, many babies were born; I was one of them. This morning began like any other, which is to say, uneventful. I woke up, stared at the net that lay over my bed and did a little reflecting on my year past. Here’s what I came up with…it’s been an odd year!

'Muhammad's Angels'

‘Muhammad’s Angels’

I didn’t bother to tell anyone about it being my birthday, but on the way back from buying lunch at a nearby warung (food stall) this morning, two motorbikes trailed behind me, beeping their horns all the while. I was annoyed until I turned around and saw that it was four teachers from school. They decided to make a surprise visit, and a surprise it was! I was so certain no one knew it was my birthday that I assumed there visit was just a bizarre coincidence, which probably says more about my dull state than anything. I was wrong however. They came to the house with this lovely cake in tow, which I fully intend to finish after dinner tonite. It was an extremely nice gesture that I will not soon forget. Never in my wildest delusions did I think I’d be spending this birthday, or any other for that matter, in an Indonesian desa (village), but here we are.





17 thoughts on “‘Treinta y Cinco’

  1. Happy Birthday Mr Joe!! Did you get through the cake?? Don’t leave any crumbs lying around or you might find another ‘visitor’ under the bed. That was disgusting by the way. Thanks for sharing. lol.
    Hope you enjoyed the day.

    • oh Jesus, Bron…I was just talking about mice with my host family over dinner last nite, as you do, and then I retired to my room and spot a huge, f’n rat! Looked nothing like the one I see dancing around Disney World either. I looked high and dry for him (including under the bed), but I have no clue where he disappeared to!? Anyhow, thank you much! And, you know full and well there was nothing left of that cake 🙂



      • Yuk!! How did you get to sleep not knowing what that thing was?? Hope you don’t wake up to him gnawing on your toe one night 😉
        hey when do you head to japan?? bet you’re looking forward to that trip.

      • Bron, it’s positively amazing what you can get used to (though not necessarily enjoy); I slept like a guy that’s used to seeing rats running around! And let us hope that, if that rat starts nibbling on anything, it’s my toe (the inquisitive one, perhaps?) and not something else!

        Japan is April 13th…mixed feelings. 🙂

        Hope you had a nice day!



  2. Happy belated Birthday Joe!!! It sounds like it was a good one.
    I went out with Hamish last weekend and we were talking about you! Alllllllllmost all good things! haha Take care!
    (P.S. Yosh and I moving back to Osaka next month! Our two years in Melbourne have come to end, I can’t believe how fast time flies!!)

    • Jill!!! Thank you much! I’m glad you two found some nice things about me to talk about; I know it’s not easy 😉 I hope he was doing well? And I can’t believe it’s already been two years!? Nuts. I am making my triumphant return next month too, but only for a spell, then it’s back here. When will you arrive? We will most certainly have to meet!

  3. Happy belated birthday bud! i loved the caption of the first picture. man, i got some news. let me know when you’re free and i’ll try to call you up.
    much love

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