‘Book Worm’

As anyone who has served in the Peace Corps can tell you, there is plenty of down time to flip a few pages and while I would’t call myself a voracious reader, every now and then I’ll come across a book that will capture my imagination in the worst way and I just can’t put it down.  Such was the case with this Indonesian travel brochure.


12 thoughts on “‘Book Worm’

    • I figured as much. CammO, I’m making my way back to Japan this week. It’s a short stop, but I’m excited about it. Can’t wait to make it over your way. Hope this finds you well, hermano!

  1. You are hilarious Joe. Am glad that you are able to entertain yourself as it seems that you need that over there. Or maybe you are starting to lose it a little and we should be concerned? Either way was s fun clip to watch. Again, have a great time in Japan. Hope you get to visit all the places you want and catch up with everyone. Eat all the sashimi you can and please have a big serve of okonomiyaki for me. Mmmmmm. I miss the food do much. Enjoy!

    • I didn’t tell you, but on my last afternoon in the city I had that おこのみやき in your honor! Remember how many times we at that Hiroshima yaki? What a deal I had…all of mine and half of yours…a real gravy train! 🙂

      • Yeah you were a man possessed! You wanted to eat that stuff for breakfast, lunch & dinner and had no problems finishing my plate. Glad you got a taste of it again. Looking forward to hearing all that you got up to xox

      • I’m trying to change my ways, but I’ve still got that inner pig in me. 🙂 I’ll let you know all about the trip. I’m in the city this morning, but am heading back to the village this evening. Have a great day! xo, Joe

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