‘Critters: Part III’

The eyes in the sky.

The eyes in the sky.

Up, down and all around, the critters keep a’comin.  Two days ago I put on a long sleeved shirt (quite literally, my last clean one) before heading out to the front porch to sweat/read a book.  Soon after sitting down, I felt something crawling on the inside of my left sleeve.  I very slowly pulled said sleeve up and found a not-so-small spider frolicking in my arm hair.  I have never taken off a shirt so quickly in my life; at least not one that belonged to me.  I’m not sure if anyone saw my ordeal go down, but I must’ve looked like an absolute madman swinging my shirt around with great force.  I never did see where my new friend went, but consider lesson learned.  Henceforth, no item of clothing will don my body without a thorough check.

*thank goodness it wasn’t this spider.


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