‘Mintey and the Throne’

A real thinker, is Mintey.

A real thinker, is Mintey.

Health wise, late May tripped me up well and good and the start of June found me, quite literally, flush on my arse. No cause for alarm though, just part of the ebb and flow of life. Of course, I was singing an entirely different tune when it all went down. If you were a famous television judge, say, Randy Jackson of American Idol fame, you’d likely have said I was “a little pitchy.” The good news is that I’m damn near back to normal, or as close as I was before my plunge into pain.

Mintey, a real Mr. Monday Morning.

Mintey, a real Mr. Monday Morning.

One of the highlights of the past week was the great care/support I received from the Peace Corps; that includes everyone, from the medical staff (my personal angels during this ordeal!) to the administrative department. From the start, I haven’t had many critical things to say about the staff, but I also haven’t praised them enough publicly, so let me say it hear that they came through in sensational fashion. The other great part about the past week has been my having had access to Wendys (double cheeseburger ‘paket’, hold the mayo and onion) and Dairy Queen (I’m green tea & Oreo Blizzard man). Did I mention these two havens are located, depending how stuffed you are, between ten to twenty seconds walk from one another!? Oh yeah, and I also got to hang out with my buddy, “the most quotable man in Peace Corps”, Brian M.

Commemorating the reading 'Throne' in Root Beer Float style!

Commemorating the reading ‘Throne’ in Root Beer Float style!

I fully intend to do a follow up on Brian down the line…one of my “Volunteering Information”, Peace Corps pieces is in the works, but for now, let it be known that Brian’s visit to my site the last two days was wildly successful. I cracked-up laughing until my stomach hurt, had some thought provoking conversations, learned some valuable stretching techniques (I am the true “Man of Steel,” but not in a good way) and unexpectedly, overhauled my room yet again. The new reading ‘thrown’ is far and away the centerpiece of this renovation project and because of it, the comfort level of of the Bat Cave has flip-flopped from a 4.6 to a 6.4 and when I get a bed, there’s no telling how many points it will jump. A big thank you to Mr. Brian for all the ‘inspirasi’ and also for doing all the heaving lifting while I am still in recovery mode.

Until then…

“Live free and founder”, and what not…


3 thoughts on “‘Mintey and the Throne’

  1. You are truly a very interesting man! We love you dearly and are enjoying the journey . God bless all of you. Hey I thought unc minty was jj for a second! Xoxoxo, m.

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