‘Bring on the Noise (and naps)’

Photo by Bronwyn Carson

Photo by Bronwyn Carson

Ramadan is on, baby, and that means we are getting a healthy dose of gospel at unhealthy times.  My goofy sleep schedule is made goofier yet as Mosque(s) and Masjid(s) in town give their speakers a vigorous workout.  The village I live in adheres to the 11pm cut-off and I suspect this is the case just about everywhere in East Java, but knowing that my friends are dealing with it too doesn’t exactly comfort me.

My host mother is able to turn in at around midnight, only to wake up 2.5 hours later…shocking, but it works…for her.  It does not, however, work for me, so I will be hitting the ’tile naps’ pretty hard this month as I look to fill my sleep quota.

Happy Ramadan to all, and to all a short nite!


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