‘Here we Bro(mo): Mt. Bromo Marathon, 2013’


Magic Mike Shih takes a winner.

So much brown nosing to be done here, but I’m going to try and keep it clean.  My buddy and fellow volunteer, Shane Ausley dreamed up the novel idea of holding a marathon near his post on Mt. Bromo nearly six months ago and after planting the seed and forcing said seed to grow, his dream was finally realized.

What transpired last weekend on Mt. Bromo was truly a sight to behold.  Hundreds of people were scattered about, working frantically to get things just right before the race began Sunday morning and I’m sorry to say that I had my doubts as late as Saturday nite, but by race time, the event was an unstoppable, well oiled, polished machine!

World's fastest, bearded man...Richie Koch, everybody!

World’s fastest, bearded man…Richie Koch, everybody!

Runners gathered from throughout Indonesia and abroad to participate.  After the race I saw sweaty bodies  and marry smiles, despite the chilly (for Indonesia) temperatures and the fact that, for many folks, the race had been their toughest to date.

I can’t count the number of people who came up to me once they’d finished running just to say that the event had been the best they’d ever taken part in (it was four…four people), so a huge congratulations to all of you who ran and/or volunteered at the Inaugural, Mt. Bromo Marathon…you deserve it; especially Mr. Shane!

The tan man with the plan, Shane Ausley.

The tan man with the plan, Shane Ausley.


*there are many great photos taken from the event that can be found on Google.

**Well done Mr. Richie Koch for coming in 2nd place in the 10k!


5 thoughts on “‘Here we Bro(mo): Mt. Bromo Marathon, 2013’

    • Ms. Ausley,

      Sweet of you to say and let me add that it was a pleasure meeting you both and I was more than a little impressed that you took the time to come out here and help your son the way you did. I know he appreciated it immensely. And thank you again for the travel book! Would you believe I left it there!? Fortunately, Will and Amy took it home for me, so I’ll pick it up soon. I hope this finds you both well!


      P.S. I liked your video! :o)

      • Peter just said, “Which guy is Joe?” And I answered, “He’s the dictionary guy.” And he knew exactly who I meant. 🙂

      • haha I just read this! It’s a shame I won’t be able to wear that hat for another 18 months or so. Hope this finds you (both) well!

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