‘Tea Time’

Take your pick, Jeeves!

Take your pick, Jeeves!

When life around you seems a little chaotic and your mind appears to be on the verge of insanity, the little things matter in a big way, at least that’s what I’ve deduced since beginning my faux ‘tea party’ habit.  Every afternoon at 4pm I head into the kitchen, grab one of three varieties of tea, put the tea bag in my yellow mug and pour boiling water into said mug.  For the next hour I will sit in the blue, pleather chair in my room, sip the tea, read and sweat profusely.  I’ve never been much of a tea guy, but this new practice has made my evening transitions much more agreeable.  And if you are looking for the moral of this story, here it is…find yourself a (healthy) practice, even if it’s something foolish, like drinking hot a%# tea in 90+ degrees, and reap the rewards.


6 thoughts on “‘Tea Time’

  1. Well it must be a Stewart thing cuz Cody loves his tea time as well..he even has little cast iron cups that fit into your palm. Haha..

    • haha Get out? That’s hilarious. Maybe he and I can set up a little table with pink chairs down the line and do it proper.

      On 10/6/13, 'Just one more thing…'

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