I’ve been up since 3:45am.  It’s not everyday I do this, but it’s regular enough that I notice.  If the speakers weren’t going already, I wouldn’t mind so much, because it’s the nicest time of day, but I suppose if the speakers weren’t going, I wouldn’t be up at 3:30am on a Sunday.  In any event, I did my morning thing, which is to say I drank coffee and messed with the computer and at some point I remembered I’d been wanting to take more photos, so I grabbed my camera and hit the front yard.  Here’s what I found.

The 'depot'

The ‘depot’

Like Willi Wonka's chocolate river, only if it were made of trash instead of chocolate

New dawn

New dawn




‘Beating the birds’

6 thoughts on “‘Beating the birds’

    • Duke, my boy, how it is!? Things here are pretty stable of late, but still chomping at the bit for another getaway. Hope that leg is healing right! P.S. try and get Dirty to start training…I can’t make the sell.

  1. Amazing. Thanks for the stories. Love ya Aunt Laura

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