‘Christmas in Philly at Taylor’s, oh my!’

10am, December 24th, 2013, Joe Jr. picked me up from the Amtrak train station in downtown Philadelphia, where I had just arrived after a two hour bus ride from Washington DC. We both looked at one another in disbelief. It wouldn’t have felt any stranger had we met on Mars.

I think it’s safe to say that neither Jr. nor I ever expected to spend a Christmas together at his families house in Philly, especially while we were both still serving in the Peace Corps, but that’s exactly what happened. His family, and recently crowned fiancée, Liza, welcomed me in with open arms. I felt right at home, especially after his Uncle Joe told me “to shut the fU%$k up!” And I’m grateful to all of them for making my Christmas a memorable one.





I took a lot more photos, but regretfully, I may have accidentally erased them.

PS. Happy New Year from Hong Kong!



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