‘There’s a storm a brew’n’


And that storm has a name, C.O.S., which is Peace Corps speak for ‘close of service.’ Every group has their very own C.O.S. event toward the end of their service and ours will be held next week. In typical Joe fashion, I somehow managed to get my paperwork a full month later than everyone else, so I just recently was able to have a look at it. Reading about all the preparations needed really makes it seem more real.

I must admit, I am happy the finish line is in sight. During my medivac experience in D.C., I got a little nibble of what life post PC might look like and I really liked the taste of it. However, at that time I was staying in a nice hotel in Georgetown on PC’s dime with no other responsibility than having to get my knee in working order. When we leave here in June, things will be a little different. I’ll need to find some scratch, shelter and whatever else it is ‘civilians’ need to survive. There’s also the matter of post-PC travel to consider. Many departing volunteers like to take a trip before heading home and I am no different. Last but not least, I recently learned that my most tenured friend (we’ve known each other since second grade of elementary) is getting married in Florida only days after I am expected to leave Indonesia, which is wonderful, if not time sensitive news. I have some decisions to make.


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