C.O.S. 2014


One month ago I glanced at my calendar, saw a note that said “C.O.S.” and smiled from ear to ear. That was one month ago. I’m in an entirely different frame of mind now. Not unlike the hotel cafe I’m typing this in, I feel a little empty. The scratchy throat and tired eyes I’m sporting probably don’t help matters, but they don’t tell the whole story. C.O.S. held great promise. It was our very last ID 6 meeting as a group and we were being put up in a beautiful, mountainside hotel for three nites to hold hands and reflect. Unfortunately, our stay was cut a little short by an unexpected volcanic eruption in a neighboring area. And here’s the irony comes in…C.O.S. went out, not with a volcanic bang, but with a, pardon my French, church mouse fart! It was anticlimactic in an important way and the worst part is, I know I’m partly to blame. I couldn’t have said goodbye to more than four people this morning…many of whom I may not see again: that’s shameful. There are a lot of very nice folks involved in this operation and I’m feeling more than a little guilty that I didn’t try and make more of an effort to connect with them.

On a positive note, the P.C. staff did a dynamite job with a difficult situation, I managed to shoot a couple baskets in the sports gym (something I’ve SORELY missed the last two years) and squeezed in a few great laughs with a few great people. Those are the types of experiences I treasure most anyway and with just under four months remaining, there are many more smiles to be had!

*The volcanic ash that blanketed our resort.

**My boy, Magic Mike and me…the last two jokers standing at UMM Inn.


2 thoughts on “C.O.S. 2014

    • Stefen my boy! How’s your son doing!? I’m almost done, amigo…100 days as of tmw, and don’t think I’m not pleased. I’d love to make it over if I can, but no plans just yet.

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