‘Mirror Mirror’

The wheels are turning, but last I checked, I haven’t budged an inch, and with under 70 days left here in Indonesia, my sweat glands seem to be in overdrive. I’ve got questions, a great many cloudy questions, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone to answer them. There is hope however, and it’s only a few feet away from where I’m sitting; my bedroom mirror. This idea was pointed out to me moments ago while I was talking to my buddy Greg via Skype.

To summarize Greg and my conversaiton: When asked his thoughts on the topic at hand, Greg calmly replied that he could only tell me what I wanted to hear and that I will have to make my own decisions. Lovely, thank you Greg! He’s right though, and even though it’s not necessarily the answer I was hoping for, that is probably the best piece of advice he could have given me. Until I figure out my next move, I’ll keep on slugging away.



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