‘The HEAT is ON!’

The first nite could’ve been fluke, but the second, third and fourth sealed it. In East Java, ‘HOT (as hell) season’ is officially upon us. Every nite’s effort seems to top the previous and even though I’ve brought in reinforcements in the way of a third fan, the sweat keeps a’coming. This was the case last year as well, but I’d forgotten. You get through it of course, but losing a few nite’s sleep in a row starts to play with your head a litte. Everything just seems a tad more annoying than usual and, for me at least, the sweeties become more of a crutch. As my uncle Mike is fond of saying, “It is what it is’ and, let me tell you, what it is, is HOT!

*Puff-built for close quarters

*Wally-tries to take care of everyone

*Big Blue-when you need Gale force winds and aren’t too concerned with your hairstyle


3 thoughts on “‘The HEAT is ON!’

  1. I feel for ya. I hate the heat! If you can get up there and clean the grill and blades on “Wally”, you will get a better air.
    Hang in there, it won’t be long.

    • Brenda, I was hoping no one spotted that. :oP You’re right though. And I can stand on my head for two months, so no problem! Really looking forward to seeing you guys!

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