‘Critters IV: Biawak the Walk’


Can you imagine? Laying bare-arse naked on the foot bridge of a conservative, Islamic community!? This biawak, which is Bahasa Indonesian for Monitor Lizard, didn’t think twice about it. I’d been keeping my eye out for this bold beast for close to a year, after mistakingly identifying him as a small crocodile. This time around, he held still long enough for me to get a better look.

Seeing wild animals is one of the few things that gets me riled up, in a good way. Because most of us are so sheltered from them, I think we tend to forget they are even there, which is a shame. Luckily, my boy was on full display last week, catching what was left of the afternoon rays. We spotted him slithering about for two consecutive days after that, which blew my mind, since I hadn’t come across him for so long. Coincidentally, it just so happened to be the days Martin and Mike – from ID 8 – were visiting. We even saw a snake while they were here!



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