‘Annnnd we’re back!’

I should say, we’ve BEEN back; for 59 days to be exact.  Before I made the long trek home, I was able to spend a week in Bali with my buddy Justin.  It was a great way to close out my time in Indonesia, but I’ve wondered since whether it wouldn’t have been more exciting/joyful to head home from Surabaya, where we closed out our service.  A weeks worth of swimming, dancing and daily massages chipped away at that mountain of anticipation I’d built up and it was somewhat anti-climactic when I touched down in Tampa.  That’s neither here nor there though.  The fact is, it’s over.  No more 3:30am speakers waking me up, no more nibbling on tiny peebles in my rice, no more meet-ups in Surabaya, no more Rp 50,000 (around $5) massages and no more strolling ‘Jl Wes’ with the ‘A-Team.’

Home at last.

Home at last.

With Rene (in the front with the suit) at his wedding reception two days after I landed.

With Rene (in the front with the suit) at his wedding reception two days after I landed.

The U.S. of A.!  One of, if not the most comfortable, pampered places on Earth, providing you are above the line, anyway.  We’ve got it all, even the bits you don’t want…in spades!  One thing I feared while I was still in Indonesia was that, after a break-in period, the novelty would fade and I would forget just how fortunate we are here.  It’s still very early, but so far, I can say that isn’t the case.  Every morning has been a lesson in humility and I find myself quietly thanking my lucky stars, even if I’m complaining about X,Y and Z from the other side of my mouth.  I imagine that’s common for a lot of people who were in ‘the Corps’ and, in my humble opinion, it’s one of the most important take aways from the experience.  Needless to say, while I’m not exactly settled yet, I’m happy to be back.

To all of the wonderful people I’ve crossed paths with over the last two and a half years, both in and out of the Peace Corps, a very sincere, deep thank you!

'Big Eddie,' a real brite spot since I've been back.

‘Big Eddie,’ a real brite spot since I’ve been back.


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