Once I left Clarksville, TN, I was driving like a man possessed. It seemingly took forever to get through Kansas and there were a couple hairy moments along the way, but overall, it was a good journey. By the time I’d made my destination, it had put in a nineteen hour day on the road; ten more than I’d planned.

When I rolled into Denver, I was lost and soon found myself in a suspect part of town. Four failed hotel attempts later (three full, one with a minimum of 240 U.S.) I was ready to turn around and head back East. I finally settled into a BestWestern, and after a quick and hot shower, it was lights out.

The next day, Wednesday, I started my apartment search. A demoralizing activity in its own right, Lakewood is far busier than I’d anticipated. Place after place was either full or far too expensive. I eventually found one, and I do mean one, and I put in for it. Just yesterday I signed a seven month lease on the place. I figure that’ll give me more time to figure out the lay of the land and see what’s out here.

It’s been an adventure thus far. The weather has been very warm (by Denver standards), but beautiful. The food is tasty, I’ve found the locals to be quite nice and I’ve spotted a few wild bunnies, which made me smile.

I move in to the new place today and start work on Monday. Wish me luck!
*here are a few photos from the road and from here. Apologies for the presentation. I wrote this from my telephone.








‘We’re not in Kansas anymore!’

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