‘An Act of Kindness’

pay it forward

Last Friday was my last day at the ‘FO’ (field office) before I start formal training for my job, so I figured I would try and track down my fellow trainees and see if they wanted to pitch in and buy a bunch of donuts for our FO hosts.  Keep in mind it was a very busy in the office and I was on my last 15 minute break of the day.  I frantically rushed around, wasn’t able to find my friends and decided to trot over to the local Safeway supermarket and pick up the sweeties myself.  I start throwing a variety of donuts into a flimsy box, going well over the recommended 12 it was meant to hold.  Then, carefully balancing the sugary mountain, I quick stepped my way over to the register.  I’m feeling pretty good about this, because I think it’ll be a nice gesture.  The people in that office had been very kind and helpful for the last two weeks.

There was a gentleman in his early sixties in front of me purchasing about five or six tubs of Blue Bell ice cream.  I found myself quietly wondering what event he was bringing them to and also hoping that his purchase wouldn’t take too long.  Because I didn’t want to dilly dally and had very little time to get back, I reached for my wallet to get my money ready to pay before my turn came.  My wallet, it turns out, was left in the office; whoops.  I was gutted.  The man in front of me heard me talking to myself, paused a moment, as if he were contemplating something, and, as I was trying to call my buddy at the office, tells me…’I’ll get it.’  This wasn’t a pack of gum he was offering to pay for.  The donuts came to about twelve bucks.  Of course I fought him on it, but he insisted, repeatedly.  I then pleaded with him to drive me up to the office so I could give him the money right then and there, to which he replied, ‘no, don’t worry about it.  I’m sure we’ll cross paths again…’

I certainly hope so.


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