‘The Question’

Last nite I ducked into one of those hippie-dippy type grocers that sell things items like ‘tree bark, pumpkin tortillas.’  I can’t remember the name at the moment.  It smelled of vitamins and sprouts, which isn’t the worst thing in the world, but still made me giggle.  I had just finished up having a ‘macha-latte’ at Starbucks, so it was the perfect yuppie finish to the nite.  I didn’t find anything I wanted, so I just picked up a box of green tea and a chocolate bar and split.  On the way out however, something caught my eye on the cork-board advertisements….

'Don't ask me!?'

‘Don’t ask me!?’

Really couldn’t have been funnier/more ironic timing, as my buddies and I had been joking about this very question all day.  I’m so envious of these people who have ‘the awakening,’ whatever that is?  Until then, I’ll keep searching for my own answers.


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